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This project consists of several main elements being added to a fine country farmhouse:
• First a traditional three bay garage with executive office, full bath, and laundry above.
• Next, a gracious light-filled "connector" with stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling and walls of large windows and glass looking out to long views of the countyside.
• And finally, a new fireplace pavilion, pool, stone patios and benches, driveway and entry gates to complete the picture.


This thoughtful renovation and additions to a split-level home on a wonderful wooded site in McLean reflects the clients desire to improve rather than demolish the home that they had owned and loved for more than 30 years. By raising the existing ceilings, adding a curved entry porch, rear and side additions and numerous other improvements the house was transformed from a rather typical mid-century house into a stunning, modern residence that takes full advantage of the site. The fantastic landscaping, pool and pavilion provide a a good gathering place for friends and family which is what the clients love most of all.

North West

Mohican Hills

This fantastic residence, sited on a wedge shaped lot on a ridge overlooking the Potomac river valley required a very unique design to work with the lot shape and dimensions. When the lot lines were later revised slightly it became possible to add some additional living space, new entry, balconies and entry facade.

Great Falls

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