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Macon Construction specializes in renovating great homes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. If you have an architect already or you need us to connect you to one, we collaborate with our clients to remodel homes that your family will love for generations to come.
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Why Call Macon Construction for Your Whole Home Renovation?

If you love where you are in life, but your home needs an update, you’ve got big decisions ahead of you. A lot of homeowners in the D.C. area live in houses that have never truly been modernized. Someone may have added a conservatory in the ‘80s or a new facade in the ‘00s, but the pre-war basics of the home remain unchanged since it was built. 

Modern families expect modern design: open concept first floors, larger bathrooms and closets, and smart home capable wiring and mechanical systems. With a potentially huge litany of changes planned for your home, you need a construction partner who has a well-earned reputation for success with architects, design firms, and homeowners in the region. You need a partner that knows how to achieve the results you want without blowing a budget or delaying for months and months. You need a partner you can trust on-site to talk you through the project every step of the way. You need Macon Construction.
"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Macon for what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful addition to our home."
Homeowner | River Falls, MD

Your Personalized Whole Home Renovation

No two home remodeling projects are the same. In our 40+ years of experience, we’ve seen every wrinkle and road bump that a home remodel can cause. Through all that, we have never left a job half-done. At Macon Construction, we never take shortcuts.

The main difference between Macon Construction and other builders is our commitment to transparency. From the start of the bidding process, we strive to provide the most accurate information available based on our decades of collective experience and thorough estimates for your specific project. We have found that homeowners want honest assessments of the challenges they face, so they can effectively plan to tackle them.

Whether you have found a place you could see yourself in for the next 30 years or you need to invest in a home you are getting ready for the market, a call to Macon Construction will pay dividends.
"We love Macon and the house you built."
Homeowner | river falls, MD

Modernizing for the Long Haul

Most homes in the D.C. area have been here for many decades. A lot of them harken back to bygone design norms that seem quaint to today’s homeowners. Cordoned-off kitchens, utilitarian closets, and stodgy bedrooms were the calling cards of the generation that built most of the housing in the DMV.

Nearly every house has had some level of work done since it was built. But often previous homeowners go for the simplest, most cost-effective solutions rather than the long-term ones. Kitchens got new cabinets and appliances instead of new floorplans. Homeowners installed new lighting fixtures instead of new wiring. Space limitations were solved with a sunroom addition instead of a great room. The final result is a hodgepodge of solutions to symptoms of an aging home, without addressing the root cause.

When you need a unified space that meets all your families needs, it can actually be simpler to go deeper and invest more. Rather than a mishmash of disparate solutions, you can implement a singular vision for your home. And with Macon Construction on your team, you have a contractor known for excellent project management and stewardship to make it happen.
"I would like to nominate Macon for Contractor of the Year! I would highly recommend Macon Construction to anyone; it was a pleasure working with their whole crew."
Homeowner | potomac, md

High-Quality Renovations

The reasons for renovating go well beyond daily use. Wear-and-tear on a home's finished and framework has to be considered if the home has not been updated in 50 years or more.

Every homeowner knows the deficiencies that already exist in their house. Whether it’s inadequate HVAC that barely work for the space or materials that are long past their shelf life. With up-to-date systems, owners can expect to be free of large maintenance problems for 20-30 years and establish a new baseline for quality design that will last 40-50 years or beyond.

A home designed for modern tastes in a cohesive fashion with contemporary materials will sell faster for more money as well. Even if your home as-is suits your needs, homeowners still need to look to the future. A home with a small master suite will not sell as fast as one that meets expectations of large closets and a well-apportioned bathroom. Beyond design, discoveries during inspections like knob and tube wiring can derail a sale. Don’t let these problems go unaddressed. Call Macon Construction and bring your home into the 21st Century before it’s too late.
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