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Macon Construction is the firm historic preservation councils and homeowners have called on to preserve the character of historic buildings and old homes while bringing them into the 21st Century. Whether you are already working with an architect or need help to find the right specialist, Macon Construction can help.
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Why Call Macon Construction for Your Historic or Old Home Preservation?

Long story short: We love old homes. Safeguarding the personality of a neighborhood or saving a century-old home on the brink of disaster are some of the most rewarding projects we undertake. Our team understands the importance of protecting historic properties and the people who live in and use them.

Modern design standards can increase the lifespans of historic buildings without destroying their unique characters. Installing modern plumbing or HVAC means fewer worries of mechanical breakdowns causing large-scale damage that an older building can’t afford. 

Bringing a building up to code while using historically accurate materials is a specialized skill set that we have spent decades developing. Put your trust in a team that has seen it all when it comes to historic building restoration. Our meticulous planning and site supervision skills put us in the best position of any contractor in the region to restore the grandeur of your old building.

If you’re in a historic district or live next to one, we’re ready to help.

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Macon for what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful addition to our home."
Homeowner | River Falls, MD

Working with Historic Districts

Historic districts play a vital role in retaining the look and feel of the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. areas. These commissions help to define what we build and how we build it, creating the world around us through careful planning and ordinances. They aim to prevent obnoxious eyesores and poorly conceived alterations from ruining the character of a neighborhood or town.

Experience working with historic preservation districts makes all the difference in restoration projects where it’s required. Often, their sign-off is needed to alter the features of homes like the siding, windows, roofs, or driveways. They even protect the character of streets, lighting, and outdoor features like benches and plantings. 

At Macon Construction, we have successfully shepherded projects through all the phases of historic district approval. With an experienced team at the helm, you do not have to worry about hiccups caused by miscommunications or deviations from the district’s plan.

"Thank you again for the wonderful job you and your crew did for us. We really appreciate the amount of time and attention to detail paid to this project."
Homeowner | chevy chase, MD

Restoring Your Old Home

Even if you don’t live in a historic preservation district, we want to work to preserve the character of your old house during renovations. Features like windows, roofs, and paint are what make your old home unique to its time, and you want a company that can work with appropriate materials instead of modern options that would completely erase that history.

We work closely with owners of old homes to find the features that can be saved and restored, and features that need to be replaced using historically accurate materials. With our clients who own older homes, we offer guidance about where to modernize mechanical systems and fixtures to meet the client’s goals without compromising on the home’s character. 

Energy efficiency is often a goal in updating an older home. Finding ways to insulate and improve energy efficiency is one of our top priorities in old home renovations. Homes are highly susceptible to water damage, so we aim to find and eliminate any possible failure points and protect your older home from water.

If you’re ready to learn more about our historic preservation services, contact us today!

"The conservatory is fabulous; my fantasy is alive and well."
Homeowner | washington, dc
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