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Quality Additions Since 1980

Macon Construction specializes in bringing quality additions to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
Whether you have already begun to work with an architect or you need us to refer you, our collaborative approach to home additions will create a unique living space that your family will love for decades to come.
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Why Call Macon Construction for an Addition?

If you love your neighborhood, your school district, and your proximity to family and friends, you can’t just pack up and move because your aging home lacks modern amenities. Whether your life goals have changed or you’re finally getting around to executing on a vision you always had, you need a trustworthy partner with excellent communication and supervision skills. You need a partner that can listen to your ideas, anticipate problems before they happen, and customize the project to suit your precise needs. You need a partner who can fix the shortcomings of your home so that you can settle in for the long haul. You need Macon Construction.
"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Macon for what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful addition to our home."
Homeowner | River Falls, MD

Your Personalized Home Addition

The main reason to call Macon Construction is we understand every project is a custom job. We don’t push our clients to accept cookie-cutter solutions that only get the job halfway done. We have seen enough in our 40-plus years of building home additions to know that no two projects are alike.

As with all our projects, we give our clients an accurate cost breakdown and construction schedule prior to starting construction. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. Our philosophy of transparency allows us to avoid unpleasant surprises and keep cost overruns and delays to a minimum. We have built hundreds of additions in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., and our experience allows us to predict problems before they happen and prepare for the unexpected.

Whether you need an addition to accommodate a growing family or you need an addition to retrofit a home to prepare for aging-in-place, we can give you the insight and straightforward project stewardship that the D.C. area has trusted since 1980.
"Thank you again for the wonderful job you and your crew did for us. We really appreciate the amount of time and attention to detail paid to this project."
Homeowner | chevy chase, MD

The Great Room Addition

Compartmentalization reigned in pre-war America, with most homes sporting modest kitchens completely separate from the rest of the living area on the first floor. Cooking was a messy, hot affair that spread smells to the whole home. A sectioned-off kitchen kept the unsightliness of food preparation away from the rest of the home.

Modern families do not need an idealized version of the home preserved by cordoning off the unattractive parts. With family members working more hours than ever, most value time together and want their home to reflect that. We want kitchens that integrate right into the dining room and living room seamlessly. Fewer walls mean more sunlight throughout the first floor. With an open floorplan, a parent can help their one child with homework in the dining room while supervising screen time in the living room and prepping dinner.

Often though, the original footprint of a home won’t have enough space for the kitchen of your dreams and an open concept. Taking out walls means losing storage space and work surfaces. To create a modern kitchen, we often need to expand. An expanded footprint opens up a world of opportunities for adding amenities like a mudroom, breakfast nook, or conservatory.
"The conservatory is fabulous; my fantasy is alive and well."
Homeowner | washington, dc

The Master Suite Addition

As families grow, parents often feel like they’re losing control of the home. Soon enough, the children outnumber the adults and start to take over every square inch of a home. It’s odd to meticulously save and plan to create a perfect home for a family and then feel like you have no place within it.

Sometimes, the best solution is simply to make more space. A parents wing gives homeowners a blank slate on which to build precisely the amenities they’ve always wanted, without the restrictions of fitting everything into the current floorplan. An older home would likely feature small closets in the master suite, and a tiny, utilitarian bathroom.

With a completely new space for the master suite, a homeowner is free to design what they’ve always wanted. Walk-in closets with enough storage for a modern wardrobe. A spa-like bathroom to serve as a private retreat to unwind. An attached office, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. A private balcony. A fireplace. The limit is your imagination once you’ve freed yourself from fitting the master suite into your old floorplan.
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