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Changing life circumstances often require a completely new footprint. Home inventory is at all-time lows, and you already love your current location. If you have a new kid on the way or want to make space for more amenities as you retire in place, we can help you add space while preserving the design elements that make your home special. If you own a pre-war home, its features may lag significantly behind modern standards, with smaller bedrooms and limited closet space. You may want a master bathroom that gives the spa-like experience some homeowners love. Often, these enhancements cannot happen with a home’s current footprint, and we need to expand.
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Whole Home Remodel

Most often, a whole home remodel starts with homeowners finding they have a home they love with a few shortcomings that keep it from being perfect. You don’t want to lose the character of the home, but you might wish it was more open, for example. A whole home renovation can give you the “great room” design of an open first floor without sacrificing the details and charm of your current house. Maybe now that the kids have moved out, you want to finally build that library with custom built-ins and a backyard deck for entertaining. You can have it all; you just need the right team behind you.
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Historic Construction

Macon Construction is a leader in historic repair and restoration in the D.C. area. We work with clients to protect our region’s rich architectural heritage by modernizing interiors and exteriors while retaining significant historical details. Modern building science techniques can shield centuries-old buildings from degradation, whether it’s installing state-of-the-art HVAC systems, reinforcing structural members, or restoring a worn facade with more durable materials. Our team’s results speak for themselves.
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